Do you experience:

  • Unexplained health issues, digestive problems, poor sleep, lack of energy, unhealthy weight gain

  • Mental fogginess

  • Fatigue

  • Anxiety or Depression

Knowing that your could take better care of care of your health but simply don't know where to start?

You know that your life could be better, but are overwhelmed with all of the different choices on how to get improve 



Get the Glow

30 day mind-body-spirit makeover

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Most programs focus on short term fixes that are not sustainable nor effective in achieving your goal of a calm mind, beautiful healthy body, and a empowered spirit.




  • Balanced hormones

  • Lose 7-10 pound

  • Experience a lifestyle that will prevent disease

  • Increased energy

  • Increased sex drive and vitality

  • Physical glow


  • Mental clarity and sharpness

  • The ability to be happy in the middle of stress

  • Calmness


  • The ability to be in the now

  • Create more joy and satisfaction in your life

  • Feeling empowered


What you will get

What you will learn:

  • How healthy foods are sabotaging your health

  • The gut/brain connection 

  • Tools to calm the mind

  • A workbook with recipes food plans, journal and goal setting.

What is expected of you?

  • Remove inflammatory foods

  • Cut of alcohol, caffeine

  • Meditate every day


This meeting will educate you one the importance of Lifestyle on your outer beauty and on your inner heath:

Focus on the relationship with your lifestyle and your appearance.

You will learn how food allergies can cause skin problem

You will learn how common products that you use every day are harmful hormone disruptors, how to avoid them, and what to use to replace them.

Find out:

What is the one-lifestyle habit that will transform your brain in 3 months?

What is the one-lifestyle practice that you need to be incorporating into your health plan 2 times a year to prevent disease and promote beauty?

Decrease your toxic burden, Master your metabolism, boost your energy and even begin reversing disease in just 4 short weeks using simple lifestyle changes and food as medicine

Your body wants to be healthy. It doesn’t want to be sick. The body has an amazing capacity to regenerate and heal, if you give it the right material and avoid the toxins.

The Secret Detox is a program for those who want to be free of chronic pain and disease, boost energy, and balance hormones.

So you can be full of joy, free of pain and able to live your passion in life

Beauty and health from the inside out

Redefining health and beauty

Coming from the inside out

Treating yourself and your body with love and care

Recognizing the connection and interplay b/w  your thoughts, feelings and beliefs.


Get The Glow

Beauty from the inside out

30 day integdrative detoxification systttem


Be Healthy and Happy

Lose Weight naturally without counting caliories and without crazy crash diet

Clean-Up Your Diet

Reset Your Hormones

Improve Your Blood Sugar

Restore  Brain Clarity


Release Emotional Toxicitcy  

What makes this dextoification program different

*nutricutical grade supplements inculede (you must be a licenced medical professional to order these supplements)

*The programe is lead by Dr. Allison Snowden who has her Doctracte in Chinnese Medicine and Acupuncture and has extensive training in functuntional medincie

* the ability to upgrade your program by ordering functional medicine tests to see specifically what dsfunctions are occurring in your body

* Belong to a facebook community that supports your long-term success for a healthy toxic free lifestyle 



What is blocking your full potiential on a physical, mental, emotional spiritual level. ( (11250)

Bronze: 475 Detox kit, binder, all supplements




Silver: 1000 bronze pulse wheat zoomer , intestinally perability

Gold: 2000 bronze 4 personal consults with Dr. Snowden diving deeper into w