Cancer Coaching program 

The focus of this program is to improve quality of life, cancer survival, and cancer prevention. I choose to partner one-on-one with you from wherever you are currently in your cancer journey.

Each and every cancer journey is unique. When I join you on yours, my goal is to provide professional services that focus upon generating a complete overview of your situation, addressing your needs, and creating an innovative, integrative, and personalized cancer care plan.

Everyone benefits from enhanced improvements. Central to my purpose is supporting the ‘whole’ person and not just focusing on cancer cells. 

This is my calling. I excel at it. And, I love it.

WORK with Me

My process: Clarity and Transparency

The initial consultation comprises a thorough review of your questionnaire, associated in-depth research and preparation, and 90 minutes together in which I learn more about who you are, and your unique situation, and whereby we begin the foundation for a plan. Here is what you may expect:

  • Recommendations and a proactive plan to reduce stress to create an environment where cancer can not thrive . Areas that are addressed: nutrition, stress management, support team

  • Lifestyle, self-care, and integrative approaches to improve quality of life and survival.

  • Providing cancer survivorship care to address challenges and support cancer prevention

  • Energy medicine sessions aimed to enhance healing and relaxation

The cost for this initial consultation is $350

Additional sessions and research are available at $240 per hour.

The ideal package for a more comprehensive approach:

The above first consultation plus 3 one-hour follow-up sessions at $900, (a $170 savings).

The Essential Cancer Coach Package includes: the initial consultation (90 min) and 6 one-hour sessions totaled at $1500 if paid in full (or $1790 if paid individually before each session).

Start with the Essential Cancer Coach Package is intelligently designed, flexible, and expands to accurately reflect an individual's needs. Without exception, this comprehensive partnership encompasses:

  • The creation of a more detailed, proactive integrative cancer care plan and team

  • Further addressing the body, mind, spirit, social and environmental health and healing

  • Dietary suggestions and plan to optimize healing

  • Thorough investigation of patient's health history, trial opportunities, advanced testing, lifestyle enhancement program availability, and individualized, innovative, integrative anti-cancer treatments

  • Mind-body techniques that address the emotional and spiritual aspects to a cancer diagnosis

  • Expansive support with texting and emails inbetween consults

  • Complete accountability with emphasis on tasks and timelines

  • Empower the patient with: self-healing tools to create confidence, self-awareness, and motivation with consistency