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Can you imagine starting off the best year of your life in Bali? Are you fully open to receive everything that you deserve?

Are you ready to let go of excuses and embrace a new life? Now is the time to step fully into your worthiness, your purpose and your potential! If you can imagine it, then you know it’s possible. You feel the call.  And, the journey begins now!

Follow Your Bliss to Bali for an adventure of self discovery.

You deserve more. You are worthy of this.

Allow yourself the reward of peace and tranquillity. ))) incorporate something higher energy, daring, greatness

The Universe is ringing...are you going to answer the call to adventure?

Now is the time to embark on your Hero’s journey to Bali

As you follow your intuition life simply keeps getting better. If you’re feeling the call to follow your bliss and create more in the world then this retreat is for you!

Our Promise to you: Your life will transform. Immerse yourself in an supportive fun environment where transformation happens easily and rapidly.  Let go of resistance, old wounds, struggle, and pain. Awaken to the healing, joy, power and connection within. From place within...this everything is possible!! You will leave will tools and support to continue and maintain the transformation. In order to deliver the best results we  have chosen to keep this exclusive retreat to 14 exceptional individuals!

Step into a week in Paradise that will set you up for the BEST year of YOUR LIFE.


We invite you to join us for the 2nd annual life-changing, energy-healing, self-awareness, mindfulness and yoga retreat. Step out of your routine and everyday roles to dedicate time to YOU. Immerse yourself in this beautiful, restorative  environment with nutritious food, daily yoga, healing workshops, meditation and deep awakening.

Dates:         January 3-10, 2019 (7 days & 6 nights)

Location:     Hillside Eden Bali.

Healing is a vibration and a state of living and being that is contagious and profound. Healing is not limited to being a remedy for when we are physically ill. Our bodies also need to be recharged mentally and spiritually, as well. Energetic healing helps us rejuvenate so that we may be of better service to our communities and the world. During the retreat, you will gather with like-minded individuals and empower yourselves to develop and enhance     optimal growth and connectivity to your inner strength.

You will come away with practical and simple transformational tools to support and continue your growth and healing beyond the retreat.

Empowered Lasting Change~ Unleash the Powerful YOU

~Learn profound tools for releasing resistance

~Align with your higher self and your purpose

~ Discover your genius though the power of play

~ Commit to a Funk Yes life

We invite you to be a part of unleashing a wave of contagious healing energy within you and with the world.