Do you wish that you could love your body and feel normal?

Feeling unexplained health issues, digestive problems, poor sleep, lack of energy, unhealthy weight gain, mental fogginess, fatigue

Knowing that you could take better care of care of your health but all of the options and choices leave you feeling overwhelmed



Dr. Allison Snowden is a lifelong student and teacher of holistic healing, who is a leader bridging eastern and energy medicine into the western mind and world.

Her near death experience at age 15 led to her remembering, that she is here to be the change she wishes to see in the world. Doctors labeled her a “Living Miracle”, and she now serves as a source of inspiration for us all to remember that our power is beyond measure.

We All Are Love.

Dr. Snowden’s passion for holistic healing is anchored in her own transformation from tragedy into opportunity. She began to view her painful experiences as a chance to understand the healing process on a subtle level, beyond what scientific instruments can measure.  She is fascinated by the cyclical interactions of how attitudes inform emotions, which connects to physical health.


Dr. Snowden firmly believes it is possible for every person to achieve his or her greatest well-being. By restoring health, her patients find the clarity and direction to lead the lives as they desire and do what it is that they truly love and enjoy. Dr. Snowden enjoys her daily yoga practice, horseback riding, exploring different cultures and spending time with family and friends.

End The Struggle and Enjoy the Lifestyle

Decrease your toxic burden, Master your metabolism, boost your energy and even begin reversing disease in just 4 short weeks using simple lifestyle changes and food as medicine

Your body wants to be healthy. It doesn’t want to be sick. The body has an amazing capacity to regenerate and heal, if you give it the right material and avoid the toxins.

The Secret Detox is a program for those who want to be free of chronic pain and disease, boost energy, and balance hormones.

So you can be full of joy, free of pain and able to live your passion in life

Beauty and health from the inside out

Redefining health and beauty

Coming from the inside out

Treating yourself and your body with love and care

Recognizing the connection and interplay b/w  your thoughts, feelings and beliefs.

Thank you Dr. Snowden for everything you have done for me. Your skills, compassion and friendship have played a vital role in my numerous recoveries. Meeting you has been one of the rewards of having cancer.
- Steve K., San Diego, CA,   

I have been working with Dr. Snowden for more than two years now and whether it is in person  or long distance, she always provides great care. With her long distance healing treatments she would empower me with skills to manage stress and anxiety. As well as meditation guidance and energy healing. When I am about to embark on something big in life, I always set up a session with Allison to get grounded. She creates the same state of peace and serenity over the phone as she does in person.
- Holly T., San Diego CA